Last Thursday as I packed up my bag for my commute home, I pulled on my decades-old Avocet touring shoes. As I pulled the lace to tie it, it broke; leaving barely enough to tie them on. My dedicated shoes were on their last thread - literally. 

Much to my delight, when I arrived home that evening, a box was waiting for me. And in that box I found my beautiful new REW Reynolds cycling shoes! The timing of these two events was uncanny. Coincidence or not… 

My only regret?  I was leaving that evening for an extended weekend trip and it would be several days before I could try them out. Well this morning was that day. Not only do they look great, but they felt great on the bike. I only rode two miles, but that was more than enough to realize how perfect they are. I know they will contribute to many years of great riding!

Mr H.  USA  June 2018. 

'If Yves Saint Laurent made cycling shoes...' 

Cycle Magazine August/September 2016 


The magnificent Ralph shoes have arrived, they are just what I've been looking for.

Mr H.C. Wales September 2016


Received the shoes this morning, Super service, Super quality, great fit, Super happy!!  

Mr D.B.UK July 2016


Dear Team, I recently bought a pair of your men's classic brown shoes for my touring jaunts. I had previously, stupidly, failed to research the market and bought another cycling shoe brand, and the back seam of one failed after very little use. Your shoes are incomparably better, using far higher grade leather, with infinitely better construction and they are wonderfully comfortable. There is a lot of leather and a lot of work in them and I would happily pay more than your very reasonable price !

Mr C.S. UK  June 2016

Hi again, Thanks for the great cycling shoes.  I'm impressed by the way the shoes work on the bike and off.  I've always had British boots and shoes, but these are the finest by far.
D.  USA June 2016

Thanks again for providing these wonderful shoes, deeply reassuring to find craftsmanship alive and well in England!

Mr L. M.  UK May 2016


I am very pleased with my very beautiful New Reynolds Cycling Shoes.  It has been a pleasure to have dealt with you.

Mr G.C.  UK  January 2016

Perfect fit, very comfortable, British made and such good quality.

Mr J.T.  UK.  January 2016 

Shoes arrived 8 o'clock this morning. Lovely, and a perfect fit. 


Mrs S D. UK.  October 2015

My new shoes arrived a couple of weeks ago and I am writing to say how pleased I am.
The workmanship is excellent, and with each ride the fit seems to improve.
Thanks also for the key fob and the postcard about happiness and cycling.

Mr R W.  UK.  August 2015